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  • The Complete 7 Week High-Income Copywriter™ Certification Program - This program is the fastest, easiest way to become a highly paid and in-demand High-Income Copywriter™ - even if you have no experience, degree, or even if you speak broken English like me.
  • FREE Gift #1: My Personal, $250 Million Dollar Swipe File ($5,000 Value)
  • FREE Gift #2: 11 Breakdowns Of The Most Successful Ads And Emails From Some Of The Most Profitable Product Launches In The World ($1,100 Value)
  • FREE Gift #3: 300 Fill In The Blank Headline Templates ($300 Value)
  • FREE Gift #4: Instant Subject Lines ($100 Value)
  • FREE Gift #5: Exclusive Access To The High-Income Copywriter™ Community (Priceless!)
  • FREE Gift #6: The Complete Compliance Checklist To Scale Without Getting Your Ads Shut Down ($499 Value)
  • FREE Gift #7: The Top-Secret Sales Letter Checklist Of Million Dollar Copywriters! ($799 Value)
  • FREE Gift #8: 175 Power Words That Motivate People To Buy ($175 Value)
  • FREE Gift #9: The 10 ORIGINAL Sales Letters Of My First Copywriting Mentor, Alan Jacques ($2,499 Value)
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Frequently Asked Questions
What happens if I buy before the next season starts?
When you register before the next season starts, it means you’re a serious action taker.

Because of that, you’ll get instant access to the exclusive High-Income Copywriter™ Facebook community.

And you’ll be immediately registered for the upcoming season, where you’ll sit front and center in Dan’s exclusive live classes.

While waiting for your season to start, you’ll be able to connect with your fellow students.

There will also be a HIC Success Roadmap for you to complete before you start the season.

It’s a set of special videos to deepen your learning and lay the foundation of becoming a High-Income Copywriter™.

This HIC Success Roadmap training is your foundation to be successful in the High-Income Copywriter™ Certification Program. The students who have this series as their foundation get the most success, and the fastest success too.
Do I get lifetime access to the community?
As a High-Income Copywriter™, you have exclusive access to the private High-Income Copywriter™ Facebook community.

And because we care a great deal about our community and want to help students get the best results, we won’t hesitate to remove anyone who doesn’t follow these rules:

1. Don’t be a bad apple (a negative person who rots the positive energy of the group)

2. Keep all the training's and content private

3. No excuses (Dan only accepts students who are committed and serious about learning from him) 
Do I get lifetime access to the vault of the other content I get access to?
As a High-Income Copywriter™, you have access to all the content you have acquired and all future updates.

However, we don’t hesitate to remove a person’s exclusive access to the content if they don’t follow these rules:

1. Don’t be a bad apple (a negative person who rots the positive energy of the group)

2. Keep all the trainings and content private

3. No excuses (Dan only accepts students who are committed and serious about learning from him)
Do I get recordings in case I miss the live class?
We HIGHLY recommend attending the classes live.

When you participate in the live class, you’re fully concentrated and immersed into the teachings.

And we’ve discovered that students who participate live tend to get significant results and great connections with other mentees of Dan.

However, every live class will be recorded and given to you shortly after.

(Attending live classes contribute to unlocking a BONUS class 7 for your season only!)
What happens if I buy shortly after the season starts?
If you do get in after the season starts, you will instantly get access to all the materials your season has unlocked so far and get on the fast-track to becoming a High-Income Copywriter™.

We DO have a set cut-off date to ensure the best results for our students.

So if you enroll after the season starts, you may have to wait 2-3 months for the next season. 
What is a “season” and how often are there new ones?
A season is like a school semester.

The only difference is...

Our seasons last a total of 6 intense weeks with Dan Lok, his team, and our global community of High-Income Copywriters.

A new season starts every 3 months .
Does Dan Lok teach each class?

Every class is taught by Dan Lok and his team of professional copywriting experts.

You will also be joined by Dan’s top students who will be sharing their best practices, tips, and strategies with you.
What do I do in between each weekly live class?
After every live class, you’ll be given a set of assignments to complete before the next class.

These assignments have a clear purpose of helping you become a successful High-Income Copywriter™ in the fastest time possible.
What happens after the season I’m in is over?
After the season ends, you’ll be fully equipped with the knowledge and skills required to start earning handsome commission checks as a High-Income Copywriter™.

You’ll continue to have access to the Facebook community and ALL the classes and exclusive content.

You can always go back and rewatch the classes to discover new strategies you might have missed and ask questions in the private Facebook community.

(Which we highly recommend.) 
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